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Châtelet, Belgium

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COMET Traitements S.A. is an innovative high-growth company, processing and recycling shredder residues (SR), the by-product of the shredding of metallic wastes (WEEE, ELV and collected scrap).

Over the last 15 years COMET has industrialized eight post-shredder processes for the recovery of non-ferrous metals, plastics (PP, PE, ABS & PS), minerals, iron oxides and precious metals.

COMET outreached EC directives 2000/53 and 2002/96 for recycling and valorization compliance targets while contributing towards improved recovery of critical raw materials and notably achieved a certified recovery rate of 95.4% shredder input and a certified overall valorization rate of 97.9% (shredder input 2015).

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