MONOLITHOS Catalysts & Recycling Ltd. is an Innovative Industrial Greek SME with 20 years of experience in manufacturing, regenerating, and recycling of automotive catalytic converters, with a Business Portfolio based on 1,025 Professional Automotive Workshops/Clients for aftermarket products and 1,335 Suppliers of Spent Catalytic Converters (SCC) for recycling.

MONOLITHOS possesses a cost-effective logistics-optimized collection network for SCC covering the whole Greek territory. Equipped with a de-canning facility capable of treating 40,000 SCCs per year, MONOLITHOS also manufactures ACC and diesel particulate filters (DPF) for all vehicle makes and models while also manufacturing and regenerating ACC and DPF for heavy duty mobile applications.

The R&I facilities of MONOLITHOS is fully equipped for the production of polymetallic catalytic nano-powders, in large scale, suitable for the automotive sector, heavy duty and marine applications, stationary and carbon dioxide utilization applications as well as electocatalysts for hydrogen and fuel cells applications.

The company possesses a fully equipped pre-processing facility for the recycling/recovery of noble and critical metals from various catalytic applications, i.e. Platinum Group Metals from Automotive Catalysts, Cobalt from Recheargable Batteries and Refinery Catalysts and Critical Raw Materials from Fuel Cells Applications.  

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